Usonian Launches Usonian Japan Value Fund on Skyline Umbrella Fund ICAV

February 16, 2018 – Usonian Investments LLC (“Usonian”), a Japanese equity manager located in Chicago and Tokyo, announced today the launch of the Usonian Japan Value UCITS Fund on Skyline Umbrella Fund ICAV platform, with initial capital of GBP 73.7 million.  Usonian also confirmed that Old Mutual Wealth’s Cirilium portfolios are an anchor investor in the Fund.  The distributor for the Fund is J & E Davy, and the European sub-distributor is Aravis Capital.

The Usonian Japan Value strategy seeks to take advantage of the unique inefficiencies in Japan’s equity markets by following a disciplined, bottom-up value approach. It focuses on Japanese equities that are undervalued, profitable, and conservatively capitalized. The investment team invests with a long-term perspective and has ongoing engagement with companies to enhance corporate values and influence outcomes.  The strategy seeks to create significant capital appreciation over a full market cycle and outperform the TOPIX Index.  Additionally, Usonian focuses on protecting capital in down markets and expects to have lower total volatility compared to the benchmark. While the strategy is market capitalization agnostic, Usonian finds a greater number of investment opportunities in small to mid-cap companies.

The Usonian Japan Value UCITS Fund is registered in the UK and Ireland.  The Prospectus, Supplements, investor applications and key investor information documents for the Funds can be found by clicking here.

Drew Edwards, Portfolio Manager and CEO of Usonian said: “We are excited to launch our first UCITS compliant fund in partnership with J & E Davy, and to have Old Mutual Wealth’s Cirilium portfolios as an anchor investor.  We are strong believers in the long-term potential of Japanese equities, which are arguably one of the world’s most undervalued and inefficient asset classes, and this Fund provides access to this market in a regulated and transparent vehicle.  Cultural change at the board level of many Japanese companies, in part resulting from the unique initiatives led by the Japanese government in recent years, have resulted in dynamic shifts in corporate governance and investor expectations, and we believe we are well-positioned to capitalize on these developments.”

About Usonian
Usonian Investments LLC is an independent and 100% employee-owned investment management firm founded in August 2017. It was founded by the investment team when they spun out their Japan Value Strategy from Advisory Research, Inc (ARI). Usonian has AUM of around US$ 900 million. The team has a long history of working together at ARI and Japan activist investor Taiyo Pacific Partners. The firm is headquartered in Chicago, IL with a Tokyo representative office to facilitate Japanese research and corporate engagement. Usonian’s Portfolio Manager, Drew Edwards, has 18 years of investment experience and has run the Japan Strategy since inception in 2011.

About J&E Davy
J&E Davy is part of the Davy Group, Ireland’s leading provider of wealth management, asset management, capital markets and financial advisory services. The firm was established in 1926 and employs over 600 people, offering services to private clients, small businesses, corporations and institutional investors. The fund teams in the Davy Group include experts in the regulatory requirements of structuring, investment management and listing of regulated funds in Ireland. J&E Davy is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

About Aravis Capital
Aravis Capital is an independent fund introduction and marketing business applying institutional quality service and process to capital introduction and asset raising. Founded in 2010, Aravis employs eight people and is retained by a small number of institutional asset management clients to implement and fast-track their marketing plans and achieve their capital raising targets through the introduction of high quality investors.

The Fund is offered solely to non-U.S. investors under the terms and conditions of the fund’s current prospectus. The prospectus contains important information about the Fund and should be read carefully before investing. A copy of the full prospectus, supplement and applicable Key Investor Information Document (KIID) for the Fund may be obtained upon request. 

Usonian Japan Value Fund is a sub-fund of SKYLINE UMBRELLA FUND ICAV, an open-ended investment company with variable capital constituted as an umbrella fund with segregated liability between its Sub - Funds under the laws of Ireland and authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland pursuant to the European Communities (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) Regulations, 2011. 

The Fund’s Distributor is J & E Davy. Office: Davy House, 49 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. Telephone: +353 1 679 7788. Website:

The Administrator is Northern Trust International Fund Administration Services (Ireland) Limited. Office: George’s Court, 54-62 Townsend Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. Telephone: 353-1-542-2000. Website

Aravis Capital Ltd, an Appointed Representative of Aravis Partners LLP which is authorized and regulated by the FCA, is a sub-distributor of the Fund. Office: Room 720, Salisbury House, 29 Finsbury Circus, London, EC2M 5QQ, United Kingdom. Telephone: +44 20 3813 3110.


Usonian Investments Launches with Over $750 Million in Assets Under Management

CHICAGO, IL – October 20, 2017 – Usonian Investments LLC, an international equities manager, successfully launched on August 1, 2017 with over $750 million in assets under management.  Usonian is an independent, employee-owned investment advisory firm that offers discretionary portfolio management services to institutional and high net worth clients.  The firm is led by portfolio manager and Chief Executive Officer, Drew Edwards.

Usonian’s flagship Japan Value strategy seeks to capitalize on the unique inefficiencies in the Japanese market by following a disciplined, bottom-up value approach.  The team invests with a long-term perspective and has ongoing engagement with companies to help enhance corporate value and influence outcomes.    

Headquartered in Chicago, with a research liaison office in Tokyo, the team previously worked together at Advisory Research Inc and Taiyo Pacific Partners.  The investment, operations and trading team has built its reputation by delivering a well-defined, value-focused investment process and developing strong client relationships based upon trust and transparency.   

Usonian’s name was inspired by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who referenced Japanese culture as one of his primary influences. Wright was based in Chicago, yet some of his most important work was in Japan.  Wright’s Usonian style of architecture reflected his philosophy that building owners should play an integral role in the design and development of their building, and not outsource everything to their architect.  This philosophy closely parallels Usonian Investments’ view regarding the role investors should play as they engage with the companies in which they invest.

Disclosure:  This material is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation of any fund or security.  The material was prepared by Usonian Investments LLC based upon information believed to be reliable.   Past performance may not be indicative of future results.  It is possible to lose money by investing in securities, including loss of principal, and there is no guarantee an investment program will achieve its objectives.  When investing in a strategy, you should consider its risks and whether it is suitable based upon your investment objectives and risk tolerance.  Before making any investment decision, you should seek expert, professional advice and obtain information regarding the legal, fiscal, regulatory and foreign currency requirements and/or potential outcomes for any investment according your home country or place of residence’s legal requirements.   Usonian’s Form ADV Part 2, which is available upon request, provides more information about the firm.